Welcome to Everlastings by Diana

Floral Grower, Designer, Teacher, Maker

Welcome to Everlastings by Diana 

Diana Conklin

Artist, Farmer, Floral Designer,

We offer a variety of services. Traditional as welll as unique dried floral design creations,  Services can be for home or special events. 


Hands on fun workshops - Learn how to create you own beautiful dried floral project. 

Presentations - Learn about all aspects of the process, Growing, Drying, Arranging/ Crafting.  A wealth of information to spark your inner dried flower passion and connect with nature.

Long Island, NY,



Who We Are

Diana fell in love with nature during her childhood years. She would spend hours creating things with nature. Shells, Bark, Pine cones, Leaves, etc. She was encouraged and inspired by her mother. Growing up on a farm and attending Pratt Institute gave Diana insight to the direction of her future. She found her true passion and created Everlastings by Diana. She began growing, foraging, drying, to build a collection she could use in arranging/crafting. Up until recently Diana would participate in many fine art and craft fairs around NY, Long Island, CT, MA, NJ. Displaying and selling her creations. Currently Diana creates custom arrangements for customers and has become more involved in the educational aspects of Dried Flowers/ Everlastings. She speaks to Garden Clubs and Horticultural Organizations. Topics such as: Growing, Harvesting, Drying and Arranging. Holiday Decorating with natural materials, European Styles, The Language of Flowers, Hydrangea Fun. She also teaches craft workshops on Long Island and South Eastern NY. Many of these workshops are held at Public Libraries. She is also a Workshop instructor at the New York Botanical Gardens.  Classes can be booked at the Hampton Bays Studio, or also at your location. During the summer months of May, June, July, and Aug. Diana focuses on the garden and growing the flowers that she will use thru out the rest of the year. 

Long Island, NY


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